Chevron Addiction

Here’s a link to my latest blog post about the Chevron fire, addiction and environmental racism.



New Calendar, sundry

Hi everyone —

I’ve got a discussion page up and running for our reading of Aldo Leopold’s “Land Ethic” text — please read this afternoon / evening, or tomorrow, and get at least one paragraph of your thoughts posted. We will also be able to talk about this when we meet on Wednesday for our “half” session on the rooftop of Arch.

Following with our rearrangement of the course schedule, this is what the remainder of the week looks like:

  • Tuesday August 7th } San Francisco Field Trip / Excursion (see post below)
  • Wednesday August 8th } Sarah Orne Jewett’s “White Heron.” Class will meet at 11:00 pm at the Arch building residential hall for a rooftop conversation. Meet me in front of Holbrook (the Hogwarts main stone building) ca. 10:55 if you want to walk down with me.
  • Thursday August 9th } What’s the Trouble with Wilderness? Readings previously scheduled for Wednesday (Cronon, Muir, Owens). Class meets at regular time (9:00 am-1:00 pm), in the Mudd building.
  • Friday August 10th } West Meets East. Class meets at Prof. Zuber’s home for breakfast / seminar conversation / hike in Strawberry Canyon. Directions provided on Thursday.

P.S. — Also, apropos of our conversation detours this morning into 19th century landscape aesthetics (Church, Bierstadt, Keith, etc), under the “images” section of the blog, I have added some things about the panorama, and Bierstadt’s iconic painting of the Rocky Mountains that has been read as visually enacting Manifest Destiny.

Field Trip Itinerary

Full itinerary (with google directions, transit schedules, Presidio map), can be downloaded here. In preparation for Tuesday’s excursion, it will be useful to spend some time exploring the following:

  • Background history on Presidio Park here, plus a bit about their Green Building Initiative here.
  • Acre Café (lunch). From the website: “Acre Café, located in the Thoreau Center for Sustainability in the San Francisco Presidio, has served the non-profit community since 1995. Its eclectic and affordable menu, made from organic ingredients, includes free-range chicken quesadillas, hearty soups and fresh melon Aqua Fresca. Over the years, Acre Café has catered for socially responsible events throughout the Bay area.

In case anyone else wants more Jonas Mekas…

Love Letter to Pioneers of Avant-Garde Moviemaking


Tobias Hauser: Walden in Berlin

Another follow-up

Images are now up under the “Images” tab — the Silko map from Alamanac + the John Smith cartographies that we have been looking at in class.

For those of you wishing to follow up on some of the indigenous environmental justice work addressed by the Homeland documentary that we watched in class today, you can find more info. about those various struggles here.


Hi all —
Just to quickly follow-up on two loose threads from today’s conversation: 1) Timothy Morton is the ecocritic  who has occasionally referenced communal raves (dance parties) in his Ecological Thought and Ecology Without Nature. He keeps a thought-provoking blog here. 2) Barbara Ehrenbreich is the cultural historian who has written about collective euphoria / mass-participation in communal joy (and creativity), which is germane to what we discussed today re: Burning Man / new mythologies (or eco-spiritualities). Good review (somewhat critical) of her Dancing in the Streets: A History of Collective Joy at the NYTimes here.